Our first picture book: Namaste, Rainbow!

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Namaste, Rainbow!

“Namaste, Rainbow!” is a full color picture book that appeals to all ages: children and adults alike.  A great way for yogi parents to introducing their children to the meaning of Namaste.  Makes the perfect gift for the recent YTC graduate.

The main character goes outside after a heavy rain to see a beautiful rainbow in the sky.  However, none the animals the main character encounters can see the rainbow!   So, the animals and the main character set out on a journey to solve the puzzling mystery as to why they all see the world differently.   The book is a journey of self exploration and uses the meaning of namaste to reveal how we can see ourselves harmoniously with the world outside of ourselves.

The story is one of unity, appreciating the unique differences of others, understanding the self, and harmony.  Every being has a unique perspective and outlook on the world but we are in this journey of life together.

Imagine how your life might be different if at an early age you were encouraged to explore your inner peace, your place in the universe, how you are uniquely you, beyond the question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

This was the kind of deep conversation, this story is intended to create for young people, families and also adults who maybe haven’t spent a lot of time, reflecting and accepting exactly who they are and how powerful their unique perspective in the world is.



What sets this book apart:

“Namaste, Rainbow!” is all inclusive.  It is completely gender positive and racially

ambiguous.  Any child or person can see themselves as the main character in the story.

There is no use of “he” or “she” and there is no race.  It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy , black or white,  neither or both, between, around, under or above, you have a place in this story, on this earth, and in the universe.

About the Author and her writing journey:

Sharon was studying philosophy at the University of Colorado Denver when she first had the idea for this book.  A professor had used a rainbow as a metaphor to explain phenomenology.

The idea came full circle when she was studying meditation and yoga in India.  She recognized that the idea of “Namaste” was describing the phenomenon that is life.   While phenomenology and Namaste may seem like complex philosophical and theological ideas Sharon’s book makes them easy enough for a child to understand through this fable-esque tale.  The idea is that we all experience life through our own eyes but we are all in the universe and a part of this experience together.


Elizabeth Fonseca creates a whimsical indian inspired world through the illustrations of the book.  You can’t help but fall in love with the darling animals and romantic landscapes as the story unfolds.  Every page is a full color illustration that spans across the spread vibrantly.  


More mindful tales to come! Stay in touch!