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    Being a young female reader:

    Florida State university found that only 31% of children’s books have female central characters.  The study was taken from a pole of nearly 6,000 books published from 1900 to 2000. While it could be very hard to qualify the sort of impact this has on woman as a whole, it wouldn’t be far fetched to think that from a young age we teach woman that they are secondary, we teach young woman that they are not the main story but an afterthought to someone else’s, that society finds male characters both standard and more interesting than females.  I can only imagine the physiological damage this inflicts on young females. I…

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    Being Yourself: A Story From the Author

    By Sharon Cleere, Author, Namaste Rainbow! After graduating college I felt a tremendous pressure to immediately find a “successful” and “high-paying” job. This pressure came from professors, parents and other graduates but more than this it came from myself buying into the idea that if I had money and had a stable job this would make me happy.  So sure enough, despite knowing this was not what I wanted, I quickly found an office job doing legal work. From the initial interview I felt like was pretending to be someone I was not: detail oriented, highly analytic, and systematic, passionate about law. Turns out I am very good at pretending;…

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    The Philosophy of Yoga

    The Philosophy of Yoga “What even is the philosophy of yoga?” A Philosophy Ph.D and a good friend of mine had inquired in a casual conversation between the two of us, “What even is the philosophy of yoga?” I can see how the confusion would arise. Modern day philosophy at the university level is mostly analytical symbolic logic and science (yes, I realize this is a gross generalization. Philosophy is many things but for this sake, just go with me). Then, there is yoga. In the west, is yoga is often seen as a trendy exercise. However, in the east and as a tradition, yoga is much more than asana (poses), it’s…