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    Sept. 21 – Meditation Flash Mob + After-Party: Namaste, Rainbow!

    In observance of International Peace Day on September 21st Buddha Babies Books is coordinating a “meditation flash mob!” . The primary meeting spot is in Denver on the steps in front of The Capitol (however, you can participate anywhere in the world) at 17:00 (at your location), we will be taking a “seat” for peace and meditating for 5 minutes (or as long as you wish). . We are promoting the notion that peace starts with “you”! . After the meditation flash mob, we will reconvene at The Lotus Meditation Center at 228 Broadway for the after party and to celebrating the release of my book “Namaste, Rainbow!” This will…

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    Why Yoga and Meditation Belong Together:

    Photo by: Ken Reid My dog trainer said to me that a happy dog is a calm dog and a calm dog is one that is balanced both mentally and physically. As much as we humans might think we are different from our pets, in this respect, we are very much the same. We need a proper diet, proper exercise and proper mental stimulation to lead a happy and healthy life. When we are happy and healthy, we are calm. Pretty simple. This is why I have a yoga and meditation practice, it creates balance in my life. Going to yoga is like taking myself on a walk. But it doesn’t…

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    What is Mindfulness?

    If meditation is reaching a point when you have no thoughts, mindfulness is having one thought at a time. Furthermore, it is the ability to choose a thought wisely and move to the next with intention and fluidity. As a meditation and mindfulness instructor, I use a metaphor (stolen straight from the ancient Taoist text, “The Toa Te Ching”) to explain this to my students: the metaphor of the bowl. The usefulness of a bowl comes not from its material but rather, the empty space it creates.  From this space comes its ability to hold things. A bowl is not the things that it holds. Similarly, we are not our…